成立于1949年, 皇冠hg会员登录集团官方网 (GCU) maintained a relationship with many of the federally recognized tribes, 尤其是在亚利桑那州的22个印第安部落中. We are committed to actively understanding and addressing the potential challenges 印第安人 college students may experience in college and how we can provide a culturally responsive education with ample support wherever necessary.

我们通过采用交付模式来展示我们对公平的承诺, teaching methodologies and learning support services that are effective and responsive to the diverse and evolving needs of our student body. GCU有一个专门的大学顾问团队, 还有学生服务顾问, 专门为我们的印第安学生服务. 另外, we have a 印第安人 affairs liaison who works with higher education offices to demonstrate our commitment to serving 印第安人 college students and their communities.

无论你是高中生, 工作的专业人士或印第安人领袖, GCU offers degree programs and student experiences that can meet your needs and honor your traditions and values.

我为自己所做的一切和取得的成就感到骄傲. 我们在生活中都有一个目标,我们想做什么,我们想如何回报. 如果你想做什么事,你自己去做.

史黛西Etisitty 公共管理硕士,2022届





印第安学生在GCU有着悠久的历史, 包括2个以上,388 alumni as of December 2021 and 148 current traditional students with a 印第安人 affiliation in Fall 2022.1 With Arizona representing one of the highest percentages of 印第安人s across the nation, 化妆5.占该州人口的3%, 哪个州的比例在所有州中排名第三, 继阿拉斯加和新墨西哥之后,2 在网上完成你的课程是很方便的, 在校园里或通过我们的夜校.


作为一名印第安学生, you will have access to a variety of resources and support services to help you navigate the academic and cultural aspects of university life. These resources may include academic support programs that are responsive to cultural sensitivities, 与美国原住民教职员工进行指导的机会, 以及参加校内外文化活动的机会. 印第安人 students at GCU can connect with a supportive community of peers and mentors who share their cultural background and are committed to promoting their academic and personal success.



Joining student clubs and organizations is one way for you to grow your network and gain valuable skills and experiences as a college student. 作为一名美国原住民大学生, you may also enjoy connecting with other students who share your cultural background and interests. 通过加入这些俱乐部和组织, 美国原住民学生可以与同龄人和导师建立关系, 参加文化和社会活动, 培养领导能力和团队合作能力. These experiences can help you academically and professionally while also having the potential to enrich your personal life.



GCU自豪地为美国原住民学生提供资源, 如学业支持和辅导, 文化活动, 工作坊及活动, 在学生成功中心做家教等等. These resources can help you navigate the academic and social challenges of college while also having a supportive community of peers and mentors who understand your unique experiences. 通过利用这些资源和支持服务, 印第安人 students can position themselves to thrive academically and personally while staying connected to their 印第安人 culture.



GCU全年举办各种多元文化活动, 包括节日, traditional arts and crafts demonstrations and guest lectures by 印第安人 scholars and leaders that celebrate the diversity of the campus community. 这些活动为你提供了了解不同文化的机会, 观点和传统, 以及与分享你兴趣的同龄人和社区成员联系. Attending multi文化活动 can be an opportunity to share your own culture and traditions with others, 同时也学习其他文化的经验. These events can help to foster greater understanding and appreciation among all students, 同时也促进了校园的社区意识和包容性.


Becoming a student at GCU can offer access to a diverse range of programs and resources to support your academic and personal growth. 无论你是在攻读本科还是研究生学位, GCU strives to provide a supportive and engaging learning environment to help you achieve your goals.

当你联系美国原住民大学的辅导员时, be prepared to indicate your program of interest and which 印第安人 tribe you are affiliated with. Remain in contact with your higher education office through the enrollment process so you are aware of scholarship and funding deadlines.




如果你是一名渴望接受高等教育的美国原住民学生, 你可能对申请过程有很多疑问, 金融援助, 校园生活与文化表征. 在本节中, we aim to provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions that 印第安人 college students may have when considering their options for higher education.

美国原住民学生的毕业率可能因各种因素而有所不同, 包括学术准备, 财政资源和文化支持. GCU致力于提高所有学生的毕业率, 包括印第安学生, 通过提供学术和财政支持计划, 文化资源和指导机会.

Proving 印第安人 heritage for college admissions typically involves providing documentation that verifies your ancestry. The type of documentation required may vary depending on the college or university you will be attending, 但一些常见的证明形式包括:

  • 部落登记卡或印第安血统学位证书(CDIB)
  • 人口普查记录
  • 出生、结婚或死亡证明
  • 核实信

The process of proving 印第安人 heritage can be complex and may require significant research and documentation. 如果您不确定如何继续, 你可能需要向当地的印第安部落咨询核实.

GCU提供一系列的 奖学金和助学金机会 适合各种背景的学生, 包括学术和体育奖学金, 补助金和按需援助. GCU is committed to promoting equal opportunities for all students to access financial support for your education, 不管你的背景或社会经济地位如何. We recognize that financial barriers can often prevent some students from pursuing higher education and are dedicated to providing resources and support to help you achieve your academic goals.

GCU已经采取了几项举措来吸引校园里的印第安学生. 从我们与美国各地的印第安部落(EAP)的合作中, 部落的大学, 为我们的印第安学生举办多元文化活动和庆祝活动, GCU utilizes a number of initiatives that demonstrate our commitment to supporting you and your well-being as a 印第安人 student.

印第安人 college students will receive a variety of services that support you academically through scholarships and grants, 纪念美洲原住民文化的文化活动和庆祝活动, 辅导服务, 可以帮助解决心理健康问题的研究小组和服务.


1 百分比已四舍五入到最接近的整数.

2 美国人口普查局(2022年7月1日). Quick Facts Arizona; Alaska; New Mexico. 检索日期:2023年4月14日.

Fill out the form on this page and ask to speak to a 印第安人 university counselor to discuss your preference to attend our main campus, 晚上或在线课程为您的项目感兴趣.