皇冠hg会员登录集团官方网 (GCU) offers on-campus and online dual enrollment classes as an affordable and efficient way for high school and home-schooled students to gain a head start on earning their college degree. 我们的信用转移到GCU很容易, earning college credit provides students with college-level academic knowledge and skills while still in high school and an accelerated college pathway that reduces time to graduation.

Save money on tuition and increase future earning potential while taking general education requirements or electives and exploring potential majors.

无论你的梦想是成为一名软件工程师还是教师, GCU将为您量身定制双入学之旅. 当你踏入我们大学校园的时候, 根据你的可转换学分,你可以马上进入核心课程.

注册校园或在线双注册课程或了解更多信息, 填写这页上的表格.


Dual enrollment courses at GCU set you up to experience college studies in a convenient and cost-affordable format that fits your schedule. 有自定义队列和在线课程选项, 在高中学习双录取课程比以往任何时候都容易.

在线 dual enrollment classes are seven or 15 weeks and offer high school students the flexibility and convenience to earn college credits toward their degree, 在许多其他好处中. 

通过学习管理系统, GCU的在线课堂, 互动论坛允许在线双招生学生进行网络交流, interact and participate with their peers and professors when collaborating on projects and assignments.

双注册课程可以在传统学期中使用. Students attend lectures and labs in person on GCU's main campus where they can experience and understand student life on campus.

High schools and homeschool co-ops can create a custom 15-week online cohort modality program to give students a head start on earning their college degree, 而不是我们标准的七周在线课程. This allows students to get used to the academic rigor of college coursework while still in the comfort of their current semester-based system.

Students can choose from any of our seven-week courses and build their own dual enrollment program based on their school’s needs and schedule, 以及他们的个人兴趣. Students will work directly with GCU’s dual enrollment team to create a custom cohort program based on their desired courses, 开学日期和课程期间学校需要的任何特定休息时间(例如, 春假或宣教旅行).







Students who take advantage of dual enrollment courses offered by GCU get into their area of study faster once they reach college and have the opportunity to complete their degree in less time.

GCU’s dual enrollment courses provide the opportunity for significant cost savings by providing discounted tuition rates for dual enrollment courses. 所有的课程都是52美元.50 per credit and students can take dual enrollment classes in high school to earn up to 60 college credits.1

完成GCU双注册计划的注册通常需要10天. 由一位专门从事双重招生的辅导员指导, 学生可以创建个性化的途径,以达到他们预期的学习领域. 学生必须直接联系他们的辅导员进行早期注册.

Students can earn college credit by taking dual enrollment classes in high school to experience equal levels of instruction and academic rigor as traditional college students. This prepares students for success when they enter college and reach the next academic level of study.



GCU双招生课程适用于高中 三年级和四年级学生平均绩点不超过3分.0 或以上. 不加权平均绩点3分的大二学生.25 高中或以上也可以参加双录取班. 请参阅 大学政策手册 了解更多信息.

所有学生都必须遵守GCU的课程先决条件和课程政策, 其中可能包括在线分班考试.


双招生计划的讲师提供的内容结合了教学中的最佳实践, 技术, 课堂参与, 道德和更多在一个特定的领域. GCU和教师合作提供学术支持, curriculum approval and monitoring of the course effectiveness for all high school and home-schooled students.

双招生师资均为学院师资. 所有教师都必须在内容领域拥有硕士或更高的学位, 或者硕士学位,在内容领域有18个研究生学时(500+). 

每门课程的教师资格由GCU各学院制定和批准, 教师也会接受持续的培训, 支持和专业发展.


Read through our frequently asked questions to learn more about dual enrollment and how to set yourself up for success at the college level.

这取决于你对大学及以后的期望. 大学先修课程(AP)是为更严格的课程而设计的, 你可能会在荣誉课程或高级主题的学位中找到什么. AP is an alternative credit that requires you to take a test in order to get the credit for college. Dual enrollment courses are already at the college level and great for students who wish to get a feel for college work while still in high school and receive college credit. AP和双录取课程都是为了满足大学学分要求而设计的. It is recommended you check with your college of choice to see how AP or dual enrollment courses are applied to their respective degrees.

This is something that also depends on how your high school views dual enrollment courses and external credits. Some high schools and their respective districts may apply dual enrollment credits to your high school GPA as evenly as they would any other course and may consider these toward a weighted GPA, 而有些人可能根本不申请这些学分.

是的. 双注册课程可以让你的大学申请脱颖而出. 双招生课程提供大学水平的学习,这在高中水平是无法获得的. This additional work may show the college that you are willing to further and strengthen your education. 也, online dual enrollment courses help you earn college credit that you may use to get ahead in your desired degree.

所有的大学都有不同的要求, 但在GCU, 我们不要求SAT考试参加双招生课程. 以获得GCU双招生课程的录取资格, 你必须是高中三年级或四年级学生,平均成绩不低于3分.0分,或者是平均绩点不加权只有3分的大二学生.25岁或以上. 双注册学生必须满足所有课程的先决条件. 访问我们的 本科入学要求 浏览更多信息.

对于一个四年制本科学士学位,你需要总共120个学分. 这相当于大约40个类,但这个数字可能会有所不同. 你需要的学分数量可能会因之前的教育而有所不同, 或者如果你有双重注册学分, 例如.

是的. 在线双注册课程可为您提供灵活性, 网络机会和便利性. They also provide a valuable opportunity to experience an online Learning Management Systems and online forums — tools that you will most likely run into while attending college full time.

It is first important to verify eligibility for dual enrollment programs — review our GCU双注册项目资格 section above 了解更多信息. The next step is to get in contact with an enrollment advisor by clicking on the 请求的信息 button at the top of your screen.

双录取项目有助于证明你已经准备好应对高要求的大学课程. 在高中上双招生课程时, 为自己制定严格的学习计划做好准备是很重要的, 一致的时间表和投入的工作需要成功. 在高中学习大学课程的同时,平衡课外活动是很困难的, so make sure to dedicate time to your high school and dual enrollment studies along with your personal life.

1 可能需要额外的书籍或费用