如果你觉得自己有教书的使命, a degree from 皇冠hg会员登录集团官方网 (GCU) can equip you with the skills and experience needed to pursue it. 教学 education programs from GCU combine knowledgeable faculty with practical experiences from a variety of disciplines specific to your interests that can help you work toward a valuable and fulfilling education.

GCU engages a diverse and global community of learners with purpose and passion through advanced 课程与教学 techniques by promoting servant leadership in educational communities. Many of our teaching degrees are offered as licensure programs that can prepare you to start pursuing your teaching career and non-licensure programs that can help you position yourself to grow within your teaching career — so you can find the one that is right for your unique path.







GCU总共提供43个教师执照和教育学术课程(截至2022年9月). 现在就申请一个教学学位,开始实现你作为一名教育者的目标吧.


学士学位通常是教书的先决条件, 根据你居住的州而定.3 努力成为那种能给人留下持久印象的老师, 给你的学生留下积极的影响,创造核心记忆, 你可能会考虑GCU的教育皇冠hg会员登录集团官方网.

通过建立牢固的关系, 良好的沟通能力, 以身作则,给每个学生灌输信心, GCU faculty aim to teach future educators how to build a bond between students and teachers through 壹基金我们基督教的世界观.




GCU has been preparing knowledgeable educators who continue to demonstrate a commitment to quality education since 1968. The College of 教育 aligns its curriculum with the standards set by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) as well as national accreditors and professional affiliates. 这些标准有助于我们生产可信的产品, qualified teachers and professionals through our education and teaching degrees both online and on-campus.


Fit learning into your busy life with GCU’s online or on-campus education degrees designed for maximum flexibility. Earn your degree on campus or in an online teaching program with classes that can fit into your busy schedule, 创造合理的工作与生活平衡.







GCU的任务是保密, 每个人都能负担得起并接受基督教教育, 这就是为什么GCU自2009年以来没有增加校园学费的原因. Our campus is a welcoming community for everyone — built upon a set of values based on educational opportunities that can help set us apart.


专注于成人学习技巧和创新领导力, GCU has many teaching degrees that can prepare you for a career in education while keeping class sizes small. 















Some education degree programs at GCU utilize a cross-disciplinary approach with other colleges at GCU, 帮助你更深入地了解你所选择的学习领域. 在提供的众多学科中专攻一门,为自己的教学生涯做好准备, 比如数学, 英语, 课程与教学, 中等教育, 行政管理或其他专业学位.

A variety of undergraduate and master’s education degrees can help you work toward finding the right fit for your needs. 你是否想成为一个 英语 or 历史 教师以获得学士学位或攻读硕士学位为重点 教育领导, GCU为您提供面对面或在线教学计划.


获得教学学位并不一定是令人困惑的. Find answers to your most frequently asked questions regarding GCU's teaching education programs.

教师资格证书因州而异. 然而, 获得教师资格证书, you must hold a bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited college or university and complete an approved teacher preparation program. Specific coursework based on the desired teaching area of focus is also required to begin your teaching career.

因为在大多数州,要成为一名教师必须拥有教学学士学位, 完成课程的时间长短取决于你选择的教学学位. 例如, the bachelor’s in elementary education degree at GCU requires a total of 120 credits for completion. 需要考虑的一点是, online teaching programs allow learners to complete their master’s degree at a speed that respects students’ needs to balance work and life responsibilities.

An education degree can prepare you with the tools and skills to work with young learners or adult students, 是否在教室里, 担任行政职务或其他与教育有关的职务.5 As you complete your degree in education, you may find many aspects of education that interest you. An education degree can teach you communication and management skills to work toward pursuing opportunities in any area of education, 学习和发展或培训机会.

The number of credits it will take to earn your master’s degree in education depends on which degree in teaching you choose. 例如, the Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction degree at GCU requires a total of 32 credits for completion. 大部分课程为期六周.

截至10月. 3, 2022, Arizona allows those without a bachelor’s degree to start training as a teacher if they are enrolled in college and are supervised by a licensed teacher.6 This provides future educators an opportunity to complete their training while also finishing their degree. 重要的是要记住,这种机会可能因州而异. 一定要查一下你打算教书的州的法律. 在亚利桑那州成为一名合格的教师, 你需要学士学位, a passing score on a standardized test and complete (or be enrolled in) a teacher preparation program.7

这取决于你所在州的要求和他们提供的认证项目, 有些学校可能雇佣没有正式教学学位的你, 特别是如果你在你将要教的科目上有学位的话.7 此外, you may be able to earn an alternative teaching certification if you already have a bachelor’s degree in any subject. 如果你住在亚利桑那州,你可能有资格 峡谷L.E.A.P. 通路.


教育学博士学位 may be right for you if you are looking to enter a leadership role that focuses on developing new ideas and ways to improve your organization. You’ll be taught to apply research skills throughout the curriculum while completing your dissertation.



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皇冠hg会员登录集团官方网's online and evening programs offer the flexibility you need to get ahead, 提供优质教育,帮助您在当今复杂的世界中茁壮成长.