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GCU offers bridge programs in many of our well-known colleges. Find the program that is right for you and your career.

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Why Choose GCU for Your Bridge Program

Bridge programs at GCU are designed to “bridge the gap” and help you step into a new career field, or advance in your current industry. Each program has its own prerequisites and requirements, but they are for students who hold a bachelor’s degree in a related field for their intended bridge program focus. While these programs do not lead to a traditional degree, they can be the next step in your career path.

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Bridge programs include many benefits and qualities, for instance:

Bridge programs focus only on the courses you need for completion. These are the core courses and topics that you will need to seamlessly transition into your desired master’s degree program.

Because bridge programs only focus on the core classes and topics, you can finish your program in a few months. Each program is designed to be finished in a shorter time so you can quickly advance to where you want to go.

All of GCU’s bridge programs are offered online, where you can take advantage of GCU’s convenient online classroom and network with fellow professionals along the way without interrupting your daily life.

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